Planning Stages Of Life

Young and growing! 20-40 years

These are the years when most financial dreams are planned for, starting from completing education, getting married, having children, creating a contingency corpus, having health and life protection, buying one’s first home, planning and saving for child education, child marriage, retirement and creation of net worth.

Mid Life and Pre Retirement: 40-60 years

During this period, one plans for creating a comfortable lifestyle, providing for wealth creation, ensuring asset growth, healthcare corpus, debt reduction and closure, retirement corpus consolidation, long term care corpus creation, wills and estate planning, ensuring children are settled with education and marriage expenses corpus is created, business exit strategy, tax planning.

Golden years of Retirement.

These are the years, when one pursues their hobbies, creates a potential for a reduced income, through consultancy, reduces one’s lifestyle with no major dependents, provides for protection of assets, indulgence in holidays, has one’s inheritance and estate for transfer in place.